Let’s see this one there you go no and that was good and it didn’t work i’m not sure how that works but yeah whatever uh so we’ll go show you guys all the working codes right now to redeem codes all you got to do is hit this button right here and then hit the twitter bird and then you can enter the codes the first one is going to be this one right here which is going to be 150 and then capital k so 150ki said code redeem that one actually gives you 10k gems so make sure you dogo for yours elf for 10k gems uh another one should be this one right here another one should be this one righ there which is called saturn sos-a-t-u-r-n saturn let’s see what that gives us there you go saturn saturn gives you another 10k gem so make sure you do it for yourself it gives you 10kgems just like you’ve seen on the screen right there uh but that is a good one go get it for yourself guys.

Another one  i think i already redeemed this one but it’s called jupiter so j-u-p-i-t-e-r they go redeem are your theme but it still works so make sure you get it for yourself another one is thanks sot-h-a-nuh k-s that one gives you 10k gems there you go redeem i already redeemed it but it still does work so make sure you do it for yourself guys it still does work.

Another one should be we love and then flappa not flops but flappa so w-e-l-o-fv-e i said u hv-e-f-l-o-p-p-a flappa we love floppa it says invalid i think that one didn’t get expired but try this one out stars let’s see this one starts this is already redeemed so that means it does work so make sure you get it for yourself and then we have another one which is called count just like that and then two and then 10 k so c-o-u-n-t and then another t and then o and then once you’re okay there you go where team is this code already theme but it does work out so make sure you’re gonna yourself it should give you 1k gems so do good for yourself.

Another one should be called ball so b-a-l-l uh just like that it’s that simple ball says code already deemed but that means it does work itgives you 5k gems so make sure you getit for yourself ball is another workingone another one is this one right herelike and then four and then updates so li k e and then f o r and then u p d a te s so like four updates it gives youthree gems so make sure you get it foryourself cisco are already themed but itdoes work so make sure you give it foryourself i know it should be this oneright here which is going to be calledgemparty sog-e-m-p-a-r-t-y-gen party gives you fivegig gems so make sure you get foryourself says quarter redeemed but itdoes work guys gem party is anotherworking one another one should be superand then kick so s-u-p-e-r and thenk-i-c-k super kick gives you 1k gems somake sure you get it for yourselfthere’s another working one another oneshould be this one right here which isgonna be called alien so a-l-i-e-n itgives you 2.5 kg gems so make sure youget that for yourself uh alien that’s aworking one.

Another one should be freegems so f-r-e-e and then g-e-m-s freegems there you go says are alreadydeemed but it does work so make sure youdo get it for yourself another oneshould be 15k so one 5k there you gogold already deemed but that means itdoes work guys so make sure you get ityourself i want you to be f-o-o-n thatone should give you five heat gems uhthe newest ones that actually did redeemfor myself were 150k and saturn uh therest already redeemed but the newestones like i said should be uh 150k andsaturn so make sure you go get those foryourself they actually give you a lot ofgyms they give you 10k gems each uh soif you redeemed 150k saturn jupiter andthen thanks that’s a total of 40k gemsso make sure you go get them for yourself right now i have 103k gems sothat’s pretty good i don’t know whati’ll get with those gems but yeah i liketo mess around in the game like mostlyjust messing around uh like kicking theball from here and seeing uh if i canactually land it let’s see there you goboom oh i thought that was actuallygoing to go in that sucked i meanwhen i i do like a horrible kick itactually goes in the goal post i mean itactually uh goes in as a goal and thenwhen i do a good one like a perfect oneas you can see 100 there you go 100 thatshould be going in i don’t know what’sgoing on it doesn’t go away guys i thinkwe need another ball but yeah those are all the waking codes guys.

So if any new clothes do come out i will update you guys just make sure you subscribe and you turn on your post on the kitchen every time new clothes do come out you guys do get updated with the new codes let me actually try it over here so let’s uh just stand over here and try out from here let’s see if we can uh do it from here there you go 96.4 i bet you this one’s going nope that one’s not going in uh let’s try some more guys let’s try some more uh let’s go hold97.1 let’s see if we get this in and what happened i don’t know whathappened over there but yeah that didnot go in i don’t know what happeneduh but let’s actually uh go over here uhcan you not like spray in this game imean you’re already sprinting can younot go faster than this uh those aregame passes i don’t want to check outthe game passes but i want to check outsomeuh eggs that they have or well not eggsbut they actually have x in this game ithink they do uh what’s this that’s yourchest so they have chests city chestuhwhat’s this moon base uh chestand then moon chest let’s see what thisgives us you guys want to try this outlet’s see nope i can’t even access it idon’t knowlet’s see this oneuh world 2 portal so it doesn’t even sayhow much it actually costsuh they have a question mark with thecoins thing i don’t know whyuh so you can’t even get these guys youcan’t even get those for some reasonlet’s see they all have question marks what’s this upgrade here.