LIVETOPIA Roblox Hidden Secrets

Like tobia just updated with the new Polly Pockets tiny Adventure update and I’m going to show you guys everything new in today’s update so before we actually go to the stage there is actually a new car so over here when you guys click your vehicles as you guys cansee this is the new car right here so when you guys click on it and oh my goodness it looks so nice so let me change the color of my car too uh did his girl just spawn her car right ontop of my car okay hold on let me justmove okay so now let’s change the color of my car some one change it to like acute purple like you know um it still looks white but it’s fine but this caris literally so nice and I keep oncrashing it to Tyler Tyler move no Tylermove oh my goodness I’m gonna get int rouble for crashing into him all rightthere this car is so nice I absolutelylove it so this is probably gonna belike my personal favorite car now so asyou guys can see it jumps like reallyhigh just like the other cars but youknow it’s just a normal car so now we’regonna go to the apartments all rightguys so we’re here at the PetopiaApartments all right Tyler find your ownparking spotoh my goodness Tyler always wants toShare Fine Tyler could share thisparking spot alright guys so now we’regonna go into the elevator we’re gonnago to the first floor so now let’s goover here to the front office and I’mpretty sure there’s some new apartmentsso let’s go click the Tokyo apartmentsand in the third floor there is some newones so the modern ones right here solet’s go click yes because we won themso now I’m gonna grab the 301 so nowlet’s lease it and let’s go to ourapartment now okay guys so we’re here atthe topio bar Ridge right here and oh mygoodness is this a fireplace inside ofthe counter now this is what I call niceso now let’s go over here to our livingroom and this is so nice you guys aregonna just sit down watch some TV solet’s just see what’s on the TV today sowe have a bunch of stuff and then overhere we have like this pink plant whichis like the first thing I saw when Iwalk in and over here there’s like isthis like a waterfall right here nothat’s really cool okay so right here wehave a bedroom right here which is mybedroom not yours and it has like thisbathroom right here so you guys canactually go down to this spot so let mego put it on Tyler what are you doing inthere Mimi you can’t open your door yesI wait okay yes I can get out of thereTyler all right now let’s go check outthe other rooms over here so right herewe have Tyler’s room which is so big youknow Tyler always gets the biggest roomswhoa Tyler you get such a nice view aswell you could even see that house overthere you can see the Topia BusinessCenter you could probably even see theplots if the mall puts it in the way allright so now let’s go over here to thebathroom over here so oh my goodnessthis bathroom is so nice hold on let mejust wash my hands real quick and wehave a bathtub right here with a rope togo take a bath so this house is so nice I actually love it the apartments are so nice.
So now we’re gonna go to the PollyPocket adventure and we’re gonna see ifthere’s any secrets in there and I’mgonna show you guys okay guys so we’reat the Polly Pocket stage right now andas you guys can see we have all thegirls right here and here’s someCollectibles you guys can collect rightnow because they released today and overhere this one releases on the 23rd andthen this one releases on the 30th soyou guys have to come back for these oneso first let’s get these ones so oh ohmy goodness this one’s so cuteit’s like a little unicorn okay so nowwe got our Collectibles let’s go talk toPaulie over here so she’s just watchingthis wherever we go hey want to explorea tiny New World hidden inside a customPolly Pocket compact pennyworlds arealways filled with the big surprises sowe have a bunch of stuff to say but I’mgonna say that sounds fun it’s so funjust open your inventory select acompact and click to spawn it rememberyou can come back every week to explorea new compact so that’s a cool one howdo I get one and the other ones I thinkare just questions so I’m gonna includethe first one just check in theinventory you should see a unicorn callback there are more coming soon whichkind of world are you most excited todiscoverum I think I’m most excited to discoverthe watermelon so now that we’re donetalking to her I’m gonna go put thisdown so let’s just place it down and asponsor portal so let’s click e on itand then I’m gonna start going to theportal and oh I just turned really tinyokay so Polly is in here so let me gotalk to her hey you made it remember meI’m Paul uh yeah we just met okay sowe’re done talking to Paulie over hereso we have like these horses right herewhich are so cute and then over herelet’s go up these stairs right here andthen oh wait what is this is this like aroom no oh yes it is rented like a PollyPocket like area so we’re like thelittle dolls so there’s like a doorthat’s like close and open and over herewe have like this area right here whereyou can just sit down it’s like a littleswing that’s literally so cute and youknow I wonder if there’s a secret inhere.
So anyways let’s go back down thestairs because I did see something righthere there’s like some cake there’s alsosome tea cups okay so we have a treasure chest right here which is so nice andthe over here we have a bed to sleepit’s like a little seashell bed and whoaTyler what are you doing okay guys sothis is 94 video for today.