Roblox BedWars ALL KITS

I’m out here just trying to check out the new yes yes get his bed you ain’tlastic with nobodylook at that timing i’m just trying to see if i need to refund on this 15 000 robux i just spent you know what i’m saying okay armory how much do i get back how much did i get but oh i got two back oak planks look at that we get sixiron back that’s so much more efficient than just buying wool it probably isn’t but i don’t care bro you won’t be catching me build a bed defense ever broit does say it gets randomized per match so like i want to do a few matches with this you know what i’m sayingsee what items i can get a refund oh my gosh bro goodbye i wasn’t prepared to win i got mostdamage dealt most player kills oh my god three blocks brokenall right let’s see what we get a refundon now i there’s no point me being this key if the kids are working come break my bed i actually have a gold refund on arrows looks like we could use a bow this timeround all right so we just hit threemillion subs.


Let’s see how long it takesto get four million subs so uh subscribe but i’m gonna be getting a lot of ironback i have no idea why i actually think i’m gonna come on here and have a funtime when i when people like this likethey don’t care about the update they’rejust here to just ruin people’s experience don’t even have to return the product you just get free money bunch of arrows are you ready watch all this refund coming in wait is that it huh allright we have 112 arrows to play withwell this is gonna be fun isn’t it where did he come from back up boyyou should have went into the void myboy yeah go get all the crystals for meoh he doesn’t even have enough iron toget in he can’t even afford the key cani just bowl the little rats oh you canoh this is easy then all right we gotthe new blade oh he just left oh my god why why i’m on 6669 wins all right i’m telling you guysi am not winning this match all right like nobody has a bad defense i don’tneed to buy it right now oh into the voyage instead of just goingaround slaying everybody out i’m goingto give them a chance to get down the biggest bed defense they’ll ever make intheir entire lives wait so if it can’tdouble jump do you think it can fly.

Let’s find out dino attack i would just go break beds but i want to break this player right here he’s uh he’s collected stuff in mid and he’s straight into the void there we go at least i look scurry right i’musing the dinosaur’s head as cover like look at me bro i’m just peeking my eyesover the top nobody’s hitting a shot onme dino attack i just don’t trust myself with any sort of explosions you know what i’m saying dino attack hey yo what it’s like a running tnt got his bed there we go oh he justcompletely gave up i am stacking moreand more and more dinos are you thinkingwhat i’m thinking i’m actually anti-cheating so bad bro i’m literally flying i’m spamming b it’s doing nothingwhy did i do this this is the worst ideai’ve ever came up with wait what wecan’t even do damage to each other wecan’t even fight

i’ve completely brokenthe game i’ll find every single buggyglitch in the entire game you know whati’m saying look at this guy’s a voidarmor oh oh my gosh this is still in myscreen hey yo i’ve got noare you kidding me what are you talkingabout dude i definitely broke moreblocks than sevenwhy is this like terraria healthhey yo what this is like elder tree onumsugarjust consuming it for more heyhe justhe just teleported just collect stars imean i like all the animations that’spretty cool all right come on criticalstrike oh my god bro it’s literally freeenchantments and more healthi did not think i’d ever be eating starsin bedwars but here i am eating starsand bedwars so apparently it’s meant togive your teammates upgrades as well buti’m not here upgrading my teammates i’mhere to upgrade myself i’ve consumedmore stars than anything else in myentire life so this guy is done bro comeon man you got thisi promise you can kill mehey yo where’s my critical strike thoughwhat how many stars do i need to collectfor it to be a hundred percenthey yo i didn’t know they swing at you like that bro i’m just going to combo in theseguys manah what is he doing here i was trying togrind and i got flanked this guy has skipped levels and you skipped school toplay bedwars so like who cares i hatehaving to go around collected stuff it’svery boring like wow i ran and collected a star ijust collected through my star for being a good boy this guy get out of here i mean this kid’s probably only good if you’re like five years old and you want to go around collecting stars i do not want to goaround collecting stars 102 health buti’ve eaten five health stars that’s ascam bro i just bought diamond armor these knicksthat is so last season i like the kits when you kill for yourloot you know what i’m sayingyou’re bad you have no life you sweat i’m physically trying not to win whatare you talking about my boy is he got atactical bowthat’s not a bad idea i mean tacticalbow or not you’re still dead theselittle rats are actually better than plays just you know free dies to the bots outleft invisible bridges with it ohahaoh and you can’t even likeohi mean so far the kids have been justkind of boring so this one better belike the best kid.

i’ve ever seen this entire game all right first and now he’sjust flying across the map what kid isthis guy man come herecome herewhat the heck is he doingwow the new season lily just came outi’m already bored i just gotta get it tofive just to get the ability i guessi’m on a timer you know what i’m sayingbro i feel like i’m running like alittle bit faster that’sgood i guessthis guy’s she powder whatokay now i can double jumpwait is that itwowi just did all that work just to be ableto double jump for like 30 secondswowyeah i mean that’s about it really it’sthe it’s the best you’re gonna get alittle double jump i mean i wasexpecting it to be like jump boots butit’s nowhere near like jump bootsi mean good for people that run away iguessfeels like i’m running a little bitfaster so that’s good i guess for peoplejust run away like thisat level 50 yeah andi got the most damage the most playerkills and the most blocks broken and ialso lost 15 000 robux if i actuallywanted to go ahead and play with a keyout of this update.