We’re gonna see what they’ve prepared for this update 17 part three and obviously we’re gonna get new codes which i’m gonna tell youinstantly whenever the update drops soyou better turn nfk spawn otherwise youyou’re just gonna miss out on them allright now let’s read the first one rightnow and that’s actually going to be ourcode and you is pros so just go readingthis one right now that’s going to befirst working code right here in blocksroots that you can redeem so that willgive you 20 minutes of two times expwhich is actually really good so justmake sure you type that in and press ontry and that will say success now.

Next we just gotta go to magic boss like this this one is actually also a really good one for exp so that all these codes willpretty much give you 20 exp which is pretty good so reading that right now that won’t sit already ringed next up wegot subdue for 999 like thi shere yo 20 minutes of exp as well you know just try that one out.

Next we just got code star code h e o but obviously you start with sear okay youyou start with sir before that man justgonna try that one out real quick andthat should be working there you go thatone is working next up we also gottacodejcwk like that that’s gonna be also a 20minutes two times cxp good it’s actuallyreally good to get these 20 times expcodes because you can level up so muchfaster with that so scoring that onenext ws got kid gaming like that that’sgonna be also a working code right hereon blocks fruits for 20 minutes of twotimes exp so reading that one there yougo success as you can see.

Next obviously it’s got a bloxy like that all right just go read now on righ tnow bloxy just press and try and then that will be also working as you can seethen next up we just got fought thenunder score v2 like that and they’ll give you two valley i think this is a true code because it already gives you two valley that’s just nothing honestly toobelly come on man what can i get withyou ballet man can i get like uh a pieceof grass like you can’t even see thegrass in this game like what what theywant us to buy with two belly come onyeah just go ready now right now next upwe just gotta go to sub do official newbie like that and just go ahead andread that one as well try that one outnext up we just got good the great acelike this that’s gonna be also.

Another one for two times exp which is actually pretty decent so just putting that one right here next up we just got picture like that scored it down as well for 20 times for 20 minutes off two times cxp all these codes will give you insane boosters like i’m pretty sure you’ll get like hours up and hours of two times xp so you have to grind a lot i’m not sure i don’t think that yeah the booster doesn’t land if you go like out of the game only if you stay in the game it runs out soum once you get out the booster actuallystops but once you’re in the game itactually keeps running so you should begrinding all the time whenever you’re inthe game so scoring that one as well andthen after that we also got sub throughdage rock like thisit’s already known as well next obviousgot i think template gaming like thatsorting out as well i think that one is also working so we’re in that one there yeah just press redeem there you go alreadyredeemed.

Next up you’ve got draw head main go ahead and redeem yourself this code which is also working there we go next was got sub throughuncle kizaru like thatthat’s gonna be also another one so justtry that one outnext obvious got good big news like thisso go ahead already known as well andthis next code is actually the insaneone you literally get so much out ofthis one okay this one that man youget a one belly yeah you hear me rightyou get one belly for giving this codecome on if you don’t redeem this likeyou’re so stupid if you don’t give itlike one belly dude you need it man comeon the one belly code man it’s sonecessary in block suits likei don’t know what i can do with withoutthe like one belly code come on right.

Next up we got sub to game robotunderscore exp1 which is also anotherone that’s working 30 minutes of expand then at the end we got a stat resetcode which obviously a lot of you guysneed so subdue gamer robot underscorereset one that’s gonna be the stat resetcode so go ahead and redeem yourselfthis code as well and obviously weshould get more codes but i don’t idon’t think yeah the billion codesexpired actually so these ones areworking and then let’s see what blocksroots is at 2 million likes theyactually just hidden recently so umthey’re at 2.2 million actually so ithink there’s gonna be a new code sooni’m not sure it’s gonna be like 2.2million likesbut uh yeah i don’t think that’sactually working right now but if there’s gonna be.

Another one that’sgonna be working i’ll let you guysinstantly know so subscribe withnotifications on and obviously if youguys do need a game pass in blog’s rootsany of them just dark blade food notfire i think fruit notifier is actuallyreally helpful so just comment downbelow which one you want and what you’redoing with it and obviously drop it likeon this video right now if you don’t doit you’ll get nothing so do it right nowit literally takes two seconds let’s seewhat’s my price is for my next fruitbecause i’m sure it’s gonna bemore expensive let’s see it’s gonna beoh no it’s actually 23k okay so i haveto get 23k and buy the ganks this firefood is stupid i need myself like an icefruit or something i don’t know let meknow if you guys are hyped for this newblocks fruits update 17.3 and alsocomment down below what level you’re onblog switch right now i’m actuallycurious um if you guys actually playblocks roots so yeah just comment downbelow are you gonna play the next updatelet me know as well and yeah pretty muchit for this video drop a like and i’llsee you guys on the next one peace out