Brand new secrets to the game one of the first secrets that i ever found is gonna be right here at the spawn go go like this and you want to go to the corner right here now you can see at the corner and there’s like a there’s like a place you can go into hold up oh can i go and then because the secret little tunnel right here now.


The next secret is gonna be right here near the gas station nearthe gas station there’s actually a room over here which you want to go over toyou want to tap this as you can see and there’s the agency room right here asyou can see there’s some stuff and there’s also like all these lights overhere so you want to call like the number four light right here and there’s actually a new secret inside this amg base as you can see you can actually nowmove these like layers right here to turn on the green and you can move themto turn them red as well which you couldn’t do in the past update but now you can and also you can tap on this and as you can see here’s a secret code panel that you can access in brookhaven.

For the next sticker you want to go over to the hospital right here and oh my god there’s pass in my car okay let’s justgo to the hospital and i’ll just say youwant to go to the arrow that’s pointingtowards the left and towards emergency right you want to go to the emergencyarea over here because there’s actuall yan emergency you want to go ahead and uhhop on top of got this duck person hereas well and we got and we got clean sedoh my god kline’s my favorite youtuber but anyways we’re going to go inside and there’s actually a new secret here basically if you go over here and if youclick on this like agency thing overhere i think there’s actually fire that comes out of here which is crazy like there’s your fire here i i can’t believe that.

The next secret is right here at the experimental section and if two people sitting these shares right here has to keep do people sending the shares the experiment will actually change into something like look at this if both ithas because there’s actually a secretcode that appears right here which isjust insane and apparently the secret code is actually like a password or something all right just cut the code right now in this update apparently you can find the portal that’s right here you want to put in the password here’s what you want to do so first you’re gonna need to go to get this house outand you gotta do this in order right so you wanna go ahead and get out this yellow house right here all right sonext once you’re in the house you wanna go down here and it’s actually like a secret that i’ve shown before so i’m going to go ahead and go through this very very quickly so all you want to dois go down here click on the button go down here you want to make sure you have the laptop out and sit in every single chair there’s a total of five chairshere and then next you’re gonna have this button right here at the corner we’re gonna click on that right here andonce you click on that you’re going to have you’re going to have to enter this like alley way right here like this atthe corner it’s going to drop you into this secret room that is this creepy message that says they i didn’t know thetruth in the beginning they came when i was a child and also has like propertyof the fbi here so this is some prettyserious stuff see if i hover over likethe edge of the laptop right you canactually click on it so you want to goand click on that after that you want togo up here and then we’re going to goover to the agency and now we’re goingto go all the way over this part righthere that’s the right.


Next to the gasstation so we’re gonna go inside herelet’s go inside the agency base there wego it has agency on and of course it’sthe first sticker that i showed you andright here you can actually click on itand actually type in a password and thisis where you put the password that yougot from the hospital unless you have the code i literally made a screenshot of the code right here which i’m toin put right now so the code was it’s ao2 and then it’s dash a03 a few momentslater ourxa06.


For the next secret it comes from afan that actually found it so as you cansee this person actually found thesecret thing it’s like secret piece ofblock right here that has like red textnext to it this is the same thing that’sliterally right here when you load upbrooklyn right you get the picture butthen when you zoom into the picturerectangular thing with red text righthere which same was the one that thisguy found first we’re gonna have to getout go ahead and get out the three itemshere first item is a laptop the seconditem is the sleeping bag and the thirditem is like this claw thing go aheadand get out the two things that healready had so the two things he already had was laptop right he first tried thelaptop out and then next he had out thesleeping bag and then next he had thecloth thing out right so let’s go andtry to get the coughing we’re gonna needto go ahead and get out the next housethe house you want to go and get out isgonna be the house that has like threeroofs on itthe house that has three roofs on it isgonna be this one right here you can see and it’s a free ass as wellso which is amazing and i can see thesecret for absolutely freewhat you want to do is go in to get theclothing you want to go in all the wayup and you want to click on this thingover here as you can see it’s loadingit’s loading in and then it’s going toopen up like this hash thing so you wantto click on this thing click on there wegoit’s going to open up this hash thingand then it’s going to teleport you uphere there we go or like lift you uphere you could say and then also overhere i would recommend you have aflashlight on it because alex is kind ofdark but then at the corner over here you cansee the claw thing that we saw in this picture right herehe has a third clothing now next is togo ahead and find the location where hefind found this like rectangular thingthat has a red text on it.