We’re actually going to be going over is all of the codes inside of 2022 so anyway if you guys are interested in that or if thereare maybe codes that you may have missedor something because we have quite a bit of codes to actually go over um literally all the codes of 2022 then make sure you guys all stay tuned throughout the video and continue watching so you guys don’t miss a single code all right which basically means missing out on free items guys and you guys are probably gonna want to watch this all right now because these do expire so you know you don’t want them to expire on you and then you get no free items so again like and subscribe turn on those notifications let’s get right into this video guys we areactually going to be doing a quick little giveaway guys all right enough ofthe fan board i get out of here we will probably be doing the fan board you know and you know some other video all right but inside of this video we are actually doing a quick little giveaway.


So anyway if you guys actually do want to join the giveaway all right and also it’s going to be wings my boys so if you guys actually do want to join the giveaway make sure you guys all hit that like button subscribe and of course turn on those notifications guys so anyway we’re going to put this person’s name into here so congratulations i’m actually winning a free pair of wings again hit that like button subscribe and turn on those notifications and then leave her roblox name inside of the comments below for the chance to actually win some free items or gold all right idon’t only give out wings you know i give out these sometimes i give out youknow these sometimes you know i give out these sometimes all right so i give out tons of stuff guys so stay tuned throughout this video because we’re going to be going over some really really cool stuff so this video is goingto be pretty simple wait why are there candiesumdid somebody leave these here these are literally like free candies like i’m i’mjust gonna gosomebody made them invisiblethese guys are somebody somebody in hereis trolling all right but anyway this video was basically going to be goingover all of the 2022 codes the reason why i’m actually on illusion go allright is because i have not redeemed any codes on this and also why the heck has nobody taken the name illusions go thatthat that name is kind of cool all right yeah i’m glad i have it now because youknow but i thought everybody would liketry to take this okay but anyway anyway by the way so this video is basically going over all the 2022 codes guys sobasically all right we have a ton ofcodes to actually be going over with youguys today so i only have 10 gold keep that in mind and keep and then also lookat how much gold that i actually haveand also i have it no blocks.

This is abrand new account i have like basicallyall of you know the starter blocks andeverything and then you guys will allsee how many blocks that i actually haveat the end of this video because it’sall about codes and stuff so the veryfirst code that we actually have for youguys today is actually very very simpleit is just hi so click in h i and youactually get five gold so you guys maybe wondering like illusions goes fivegold that’s like nothing like who whoreally cares about five gold all rightbut honestly honestly i i just gained 50of my gold right now just by you knowtyping in two letters and thenclicking the redeem button like it’sliterally that simple guys i i don’tknow i don’t know why you guys complainit’s literally free some of these codes guys you guys may have actually seen before and may have actually redeemedbefore all right that is perfectly fine of course this is a video going over allthe 2022 codes so you know some of themare a little bit older because you knowit’s you know september it’s the ninthmonth of 2022 can you believe that we’realmost in 20 we’re closer to 2023 than 2022 all right and you’re gonna do oh we’re actually already in 2022 so we’re actually closer though shut up all right you get what i’m saying okay so stop all right but anyway anyway anyway so the next code that we actually haveis actually equal sign d all right so it’s supposed to make a smiley face allright you know but yeah it’s it looks itlooks a little bit stupid when you dothis okay because it’s supposed to be capitalized but it really doesn’t matter if it’s capitalized or not these code sare not cap sensitive all right so a syou can see i just got one plus 100 of my gold i doubled my gold from the startof this video guys so we actually do have yet another code to actually goover and this code is um very very similar to the last one it is actually equal sign p this one does make a littlebit more sense this looks more like asmiley face it’s kind of just like aninverted d like if you if you look youknow i don’t know i’m not i’m not anenglish teacher but anyway um so anyway you get five more to go gold gold allright.



So these are kind of all of thecrappy codes i went through all of the crappy codes first and now we can moveon to like the meaty stuff like that thegood stuff all right so the good stuffis actually um starting off with thiscode right here it is actuallyum s okay okay i messed up s-q-u-i-d space a-r-m-y spelling out squid army so you click redeem on that thing and you get 22 gold and then 22 icebox all right i don’t know what’s the significance of the number 22 but you got 22 gold and 22ice blocks all right and this isactually in reference to one of thedevelopers inside the game um whose nameis zeg okay and you know their avatar islike like a squid type person okay.

It’sit’s a little bit weird but you knowit’s yeah all right so as you can see inow have 47 gold all right i went from10 to 47 gold in the mirror of just acouple of minutes or honestly it couldhave been a little bit faster you knowif i you know shut up a little bit butanyway we just gained a ton of gold atotal of 37 gold from this whole thingand there is still more codes toactually redeem so the next code that we actually have is a c hlspacew-a-s space h-e-r-e so it spells outchill throw 709 was here okay so you click redeem on that one and you actually get a firework block this is actually a classic firework and the significance of this item guys is that this is literally the only way that you guys can actually get this item.