Roblox Clicker Simulator CODES

Let’s go and I gotten into it now but first i’m giving away Roblox on this channel every single day setting to all yasi to do so like this video then subscribe to the channel after you’ve done that go ahead and join my Roblox Group which you’ll find linked Down Below in the description and finally comment down below your Roblox Season Air Max 4 simple steps that you need to take the enter why not guys it is completely free and there we are so here we are right now pretty muchum what is new inside the subject well in this update update 38 we have anepoxic island guys tuning crafted and rebirth pets we have a toxic egg with nine pets guys a secret and cheat Vine pet we have a new exclusive while we have new exclusive pads in the shop a Roblox egg in the toxic Island and there was an over powered hidden code on toxic Island Bridge it’s awesome guys so if you remember before we had the six times egg opencode for like over an hour and a half guys which was hidden on the secret andon the dock fancy Island guys so yeahpretty much we can expect this chord tobe pretty overwhile too so that’s gonnabe really really exciting I do quite like how they all stun to release Goodsnow with them hidden and hiding codesaround the map this is what a goodreason why you guys must subscribe withthe notification on if you guys do not yoga you’re gonna miss out on codes justlike this one over here watch until theend because you are not going to want tomiss out on this secret code

I’ll beplacing it somewhere throughout thisvideo but anyway guys okay let’s quicklygo to Fantasy World right now and let’sgo ahead and see if you can buy the newworld hopefully we can afford this newworld if not guys I’m gonna have a fewissues finding this new code but I thinkI’ll be fineum how much is it guys it is 7.5 utgclicks we can’t afford that but it’sgetting a bit expensive to be honestguys right let’s go through here so herewe are um right okay let’s quickly checkthis out so we have actually I didn’trealize you can’t apparently buy clicksright now which is quite exciting isthat new I don’t know guys but anyway wehave this new egg for 450 OCD which isquite cool guys what I am going to Quickvideo I’m just gonnaum Auto delete the rest of those I’mgonna quickly claim up this road.

I’m gonna of course spin the wheel on theshop hopefully you can get maybesomething good What’s it gonna be it’sgonna be some well double clicks guysI’ll take that also what I am going todo here I’m gonna mass delete the restof my pets because I want what I want todo is actually use a gold um sorry arainbow potion and open up a bunch ofthese eggs right now guys and hopefullyyou can get something good actuallythough would it be worth me doing that abit later on I think what we’ll do we’lldo that later on after we do readingsome code today guys because of coursewe probably will be getting six timesegg open with these codes and that’sgonna give us better chances with thatwith that rainbow person number here.

So I think we’ll do that later on but we can all guys we might as well open upsome of these egg sum right now let’s see what we can go and get hopefully something good guys comment down below your best pet thatyou guys have got out of this egg Stoneoff over here guys from the Slime alienone second let me quickly do somethingwe’ve got another slime area here heyguys I’m gonna guess these are not gonnabe worth anything yeah barely anythingguys I’m gonna Auto delete these twobecause even the rainbow variation ofthose when I do get one later one it’snot really going to be worth it guyslet’s continue though and let’s see ifwe can hopefully get a bit of a better abit better pack guys one thing I amgoing to do as well I’m gonna be bestand I am gonna use these gems hopefullyif I can afford anything right this isgetting quite expensive to be honestguys I’m gonna hopefully well I’m gonnaincrease egg Hutch speed you’re notgonna do that because that probably willbeum the biggest change I was put them onthose guys honestly the upgrades aregetting so expensive if the developersdid lower the upgrades I’ll be a lotnicer as feedback guys I don’t knowabout you but I definitely do not havenearly enough gems to buy Max upgradeslike it used to be before and if you’ve had guys the upgrades don’t only maketoo much of a difference but it is quitenice to ride them all guys so I think maybe just dropping the price of thoseupgrades will be a bit beneficial herewe go guys we have this new pet rightnow guys which is awesome we’ll have tocheck out the stats on this two of twoof these in a row which I’ll definitelytake right now guys three in a row okay.

I don’t know what’s going on right nowis it gonna be four in the road no it’snot okay but yeah guys we are gonnaprobably soon be able to make the craftcreation of these as of course we’veliterally just got foreignmenu then guys click on the Twitterbutton after that the code money willcome up so these are in any random orderlet’s just get into it now but you guysFed Up of watching YouTube videos forRoblox codes well I’ve got a solutionfor that that’s on thewebsite you can find out game codesreset codes and guards there’s tons ofstuff in there that you guys have tocheck out overall we cover codes forover 1 000 Roblox games so if you guysneed a code for a game we’ll be there Ilove you guys I guess let’s just goahead and go on in this video now soguys the first code today is gonna bethe code hidden hidden X sixum112. just to be here guys so h i d d e none umsix or eight one one two just over hereguys for leaving that code right nowthere we go anyway guys there we gocomfort that one is gonna go and give usum success one hour of times six heartswhich is awesome before I got into evenmore working codes if you’ve not yetentered into my daily Roblox giveaways Iseriously do not know what you guys aredoing they are completely free to enterso why not only take a few simple stepsjust like subscribe and comment yourRoblox username if you guys want anothersix thumbs egg open code redeem the codeXsixum egg oh Pete just to be here guysclicking confirm again.