Roblox Mining Simulator 2 Codes

There’s a ton of codes that i haven’t even used so i don’t even know if i’ve used any codes before so they should all work so the first code is going to be free egg and whenever you redeem it you will get a free egg just a common egg let me actually just turn my volume on real quick yeah it’ll just give you a free common egg so obviously if you’re just starting off in the game that will be useful and it looks like you don’t have to do capitals or anything so you can just type it in however so the second code is going to be release gives you a hundred coins that code came out obviously at the release of a game and then there’s a code that just says gyms this will give you 50 gems which will obviously be really useful you can instantly go open up like 10 of the mystery egg or whatever you want to useyour gems on which will obviously help out a ton in the very beginning of the game and then we have the code free crate which just gives you oh i already redeemed that code.



All right well i guess there is a couple codes that i’veredeemed i just don’t remember but the code free crate gives you a free normal crate and then rare crate obviously gives you a rare crate yeah i haven’t used that one before so you get a freerare crate and get a free skin whichwill give you some more stats and thenthere’s a code called trading which cameout update two whenever trading was released that’ll give you 250 gems



So that one will help a lot more with gems all these codes that give you free gems you can literally just go straight tothe upgrades and start getting some good upgrades with these gems another code for free gyms gives you a hundred fifty all you gotta do is type in free gyms and then this next update lucky boost came out so if you use the code super lucky you will get 30 minutes of super lucky boost use the code lucky oh i already redeemed that code but it gives you one hour of luck boost and then you can also use the code mega lucky oh actually just mega luck and oh it’s nota valid code let me try mega lucky mega lucky oh that’s not a valid code either oh this code only lasts until next update.

So it’s an old code so you can’t use these codes anymore mega lucky and ultra luck yeah so those are old codes that don’t work any more but all the restof these should work so use the code factory and you will get 30 minutes offree lucky boost obviously that code came out when the factory came out andthen code update 4 you will get 30 more minutes of super lucky boost which isuseful and then the code july 4 th obviously for the 4th of july update also gives you some lucky boost and then code update 5.


This will give you even more lucky boost and then code phishing this will give you some more lucky boostand code update 6 more super lucky boostand then code treasure more lucky boostcode update 7 will give you 30 minutesof more super lucky boost and then codeseason two will give you some omega lucky boost and then code mystery willgive you 30 more minutes of lucky boostand then code update 8 should give you 30 more minutes of super lucky boost letme just try like season okay not a validcode let me try season one becausethere’s a season two code okay sothere’s no code for season one so yeah i’m pretty sure those are all of thecodes you have code free egg releasegems free crate rare crate trading free gems super lucky lucky factory update 4july 4th update 5 phishing update 6treasure update 7 season 2 mystery andupdate 8.


So those are all of the codesthat are currently in the game as ofright now none of them have spaces sowhenever i said like update 7 season 2mystery update 8 none of those havespaces you just type it in no spaces andyeah those are pretty much all of thecodes there’s a few codes that give yougems but most of them just give youlucky boost and like i always saywhenever you’re first starting off inthe game and you get some gems you don’twant to go straight to the shop therebirth store is probably one of theworst ways that you can spend your gemscause like let me just give you anexample as you can see i have a hundredand fifty three thousand mining power14k speed i can literally put on thewooden pickaxe and it barely changes mystats i still have 146k mining power 13kspeed so it just it changes your stats alittle bit having a good pick ax but theomega scythe is literally way betterthan all the pickaxes in the rebirthstore and even though mega scythe isn’tthat much better than like a woodenpickaxe the only thing that makes abetter pickaxe better is that you canmine all of the different oars like ifyou go try to mine diamonds or somethingwith a wooden pickaxe it’ll say that youneed to have at least like the emeraldpickaxe like if you want to mineemeralds you need to have at least theemerald pickaxe so i would get a rebirthpickaxe just get like the cheapest oneonce you can afford it don’t like buythis one and then buy this one and thenbuy this one if you’re gonna buy likethe most expensive one just buy thecheapest one and then save up for themost expensive one don’t like buy allthe rebirth pickaxes cause it’s a bigwaste your pets is what gives you themost mining power and speed multiplierlike as you can see i have pretty goodpets on but they’re not even that muchvalue so if you just like have a littlebit of value in the game start tradingup you can easily get some really goodstat pets that are only like 100 value.