We’re going to show you guys all the working codes so you guys do know to redeem codes inside of schindler all you got to do i shit this edit button right here and then hit edit and then you can enter the code over here let me actually take that off and then you can enter the codes so we’re going to start off with the newest working code that actually just came out like one hour ago it’s this one righ there guys so it’s called s capital s and then w and then three and then capital l capital l and then h capital a r d capital w zero that is a zero that’s notan o and then r k and then exclamation mark so i still haven’t redeemed this for myself i’m just gonna uh the reason why.

It’s not uh redeeming right now is because i have a space after the exercise mark so a lot of you guys uh sometimes the the codes don’t get redeemed because you put a space at theend so let me do back space and there you go to accept it guys that one i think it gives you rel coins and we should have got real coins and free spins from that so here’s the thing if you guys hit 500 krelic just like i did before uh youc an’t get any more free uh like rel coins after that you have to spend therel coins and then once you spend them you’re gonna be able to get more okay uhit’s like capped at 500k real coins just so you guys know so.

Let’s go to the next one right here the next code that i’mab out to show you guys is called uh capital r and then i mean uh first is this one okay so uhit’s th uhi was gonna show you guys the old one but it’s this one right here the and then rel and then has and then r3t u r nand then three d and then exclamation mark guys so it’s accepted that should give you some rel coins it only givesyou 4k but it does work so make sure youget it for yourself i think the previous chord that i showed you guys the newestone was uh basically i think it was uh it was for free spins i’m not sure but you guys should still get it for yourself it’s going to give you free spins three roll coins whatever they’reboth good it’s free spins good pretty real coins good both good guys but yeah.

Let’s go on to the next code guys the next one is this one right here which is going to be called r3 and then ll andthen hrt just like that rel hard andthen w0 and then r k d exclamation marki already redeemed this but it still does work it should give you about 3krel coins so make sure you get it foryourself and let’s go on to the next one guys the next one is gonna be this one right here is gonna be called shindo and then r-e-n-g-o and then exclamation mark ialready used that one but it still does work it gives you free spins inside the game so make sure you guys go ahead andget it for yourself but like i saw you guys uh the newest codes were this one right here uh swell hard work make sure you spell exactly how it is spelled on the screenjust because you guys already knowinside of student life the codes arecase sensitive so if you mess up likeone word if you mess up like onecapitalization just but this guy just byuh capitalizing a letter guys it’s gonnamess up and it’s not gonna work for youso make sure you pause the video spell exactly how respond on the screen and itshould work for you like i said guys iupdate you guys with the newest workingcode so why don’t you hit that subscribebutton subscribe turn on your postnotifications that every time new codes to come out just like i did today i updated you guys with the newest working codes especially for shindo life guys i love doing the shin love give videos because it gets a lot of good feed back alot of you guys love the shin the lift codes when i update you guys with newshin of life codes.


That is a working code that should give you guys some free real coins andjust like i mentioned before guys uh ifyou hate 500 rel coins 500k real quickthat is uh you can’t get any more okay that’s it it’s capped at 500k uh what iwas trying to do before is basically i was trying to do this challenge where i was gonna like redeem one milli thought i would be able to get like atleast one million real coins but no it’scapped at 500k guys just so you guysknow once you hit 500k any code that you redeem after that guess what that code does get used but you don’t get anything you don’t get relevant you don’t getfree spins and free uh spins areactually capped at 500 spins okay so any code that you use after that you’re it’s literally going to waste guys because ityou’re not going to be able to use itit’s gonna say already used and youdon’t get rel queens for me or or you don’t get free spins if you have 500 spins and you have 500k royal coins sodon’t make the same mistake as me guys uh.

I’m learning okay i’m learning i didn’t know that before but now i knowitand that’s why now i’m spending my uh rel coins i’m spending my spins i haven’t used my spins yet but i used myreal coins i was buying a lot of stuff before like for example i was going tothe store right here uh wait let meactually go over here uh i was going to the store and like buying all sorts of stuff okay that’s what i was doingbefore uh let’s see character right hereuh i don’t know why i went back tocharacter uh but yeah like i said i wasgoing to the shop uh buying all sorts ofstuffuhremoveyeah we need to keep that on i don’tknow why like i took that off outfit tooi was buying all types of outfits beforelike literallyuh let’s go over here uh this is update164 by the way uh they did update newstuff new stuff did come out so yeahthat’s that guys uh and those are allthe working codes solike i said guys make sure you subscribeand turn on your oppositions and use upyour spins guys use up your spins use upyour rel coins because you can’t get anymore if you actually get 500k rel coinsand if you hit 500 uh spins uh but yeahas of today we have a total of fourworking codes portion of life that’s itthere’s no other working codes and ifany new codes do come out like i said iwill update you guys.